Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

So many people think that holidays like Mother's Day is just a commercial way for the greeting card industry to make a few extra dollars. Maybe it is, but for me Mother's Day reminds me to remember my Mom and some of the things she's taught me.

My Mom made sure that I understood that in this world a woman needs to make their own way and needn't, no mustn't be soley dependent on anyone else.

She encouraged me to be independent, yet to be loving and giving to others.

She taught me that nice does matter.

She taught me that laughter could cure a lot of ills.

She taught me that hard work can open doors.

She taught me that failures are only life lessons.

Thanks Mom and thanks to all of the women in my life that have reinforced her lessons and helped me grow and learn to this day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

See I set this blog up and am all gung ho and it's been almost two weeks since I last posted! In my defense it's been a busy few weeks leading up to my P.E.O. convention that was held this weekend. I attended with 4 other sisters and we had a really terrific time. Convention is a terrific way to rejuevenate enthusiasm about the organization and all the terrific things we do raising money to help women continue their educations.

Now that convention is over and I've finished stitching everything I stitched (and did NOT get pictures of!) it's time to get back to stitching. I'm still working on LK's ABC Lessons and it's moving along, not enough progress though to post a picture. I haven't touched my Mystery Quaker though, I do need to get back to that, my fingers are itching to work on it.

Dylan had his play in school on Friday and I had to miss it because I was away for convention. But his stepdad, Dad and stepmom were all there rooting him on. They said he did a terrific job and the pictures are cute :) He's come a long long way and is a ham like his Mom! Kudos to Dylan for a job well done!