Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summer Vacations

Each Summer we take our annual family vacation to Florida and then Dylan and I go alone on a Mom and Dyl weekend to Wildwood NJ. These are a few pictures from those vacations. The first is Dylan on the Tilt a Whirl in Wildwood, all of the others are from Florida. The pictures don't do justice to the great time we have! I can't wait for next year already :)

Where did the Summer go??

The last time I was here it was just Spring and here it is now full on Autumn! This time of year is truly my favorite time of year and I enjoy decorating and stitching for Autumn and Halloween. I've also been caught up in the Quaker design craze and plan eventually to have a sampler wall going up my foyer stairwell. We shall see if that ever happens!

I have been stitching a lot though, most of my finishes are larger finishes so I don't feel like I'm as prolific as I've been in the past. Here are the latest and greatest since May 'til now :)

Here is Witching You Were Here by Glendon Place

This is Floral Quaker by Midnight Stitching
This is Lizzie Kate's ABC Lessons
These are Cats by Margaret Sherry from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine
This is Quaker Samplings by By My Needle
This is my current WIP Monster March by Glendon Place