Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's been forever!

I thought I'd do a better job with blogging, but it seems like my life is either too hectic or so boring I have nothing to share. A lot has happened since December, both good and bad. On the good side, my DS Dylan finished elementary school and is going to intermediate school in a regular classroom. He made all A's and B's this year, which is a major feat as he has always been in a self contained classroom for children with Asperger's Syndrome or Autism. This past year for the first time he was mainstreamed into a regular classroom with a para professional in the classroom. He is my pride and joy and I am so blessed with his progress and his determination to excel.

On the not so good side, my DH Darrell had to have open heart surgery in June. He had a rough few months, but he is back to his normal self and for that we are blessed as well. He is better than ever and the doctor told me he's good for another 20 years :) Yay!

I have been stitching, if nothing else and I'm going to share my finishes. First is Cherished Stitches Halloween Quaker. I fell in love with this design and had to have it. I stitched it on Golden Honey linen from Silkweaver's with HDF in colors I picked myself.
The next finish is Rosewood Manor's Quaker Diamonds. I stitched this on 28ct Fairy Dust cashel with Valdani threads. It was a really fun stitch, I loved watching this come to life.This is Lizzie Kate's Cat Lessons For People. I stitched this on an overdyed Laguna that was in my stash with DMC threads. I changed the kitty to be black like our cat. These designs stitch up fast and look adorable when done.

This is All in a Heart from Sharon Crescent- It was stitched in Crescent Colors on an evenweave. I stitched this for my Honey for Valentines Day and it has a lot of meaning now with his heart surgery.
Finally, these are all the LHN Ornaments from this year. I have a few left to stitch, I put them aside to stitch a baby sampler but hopefully I'll get the chance to pick them up again soon. These were quick and fun as well, I used some fabric from my stash, but most of it I bought with the pattern from Down Sunshine Lane.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is over...already??

Why is it that we wish for Christmas to get here and it's gone in the blink of an eye? We had a really special Christmas this year as my DH's son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren came to spend the holiday with us in NJ. The drove up from Florida in the Blizzard of '09 and managed to make it here in one piece! We totally surprised my husband who had no idea that they were coming and we had a terrific time together. I managed to get off of work for a week and we spent the entire week together.

The children were able to play in the snow, we had 24 inches! They had never seen snow before so they went out and made snow angels and snow men. All in all it was a terrific holiday. They left today for the long drive back and we already miss them terribly. How many days til next Christmas???

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pillows Pillows Pillows

I am drowning in tuck pillows! I bought a bunch of premade tuck pillows from a seller on Ebay and decided to stitch a bunch of presents for Christmas. I have officially finished them all and pressed, stuffed and tucked them all into place. I think they turned out really cute and I enjoyed them all. The Santa's are from Prairie Schooler, the Sheep is from this years JCS Ornament issue and the two others are freebies from the Diabetes Tree fundraiser. Now to wrap them all...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Stitching

I am really proud of myself this year as I have a pretty good jump on my holiday stitching. I already finished Lizzie Kate Christmas ABC's and I'm working some Prairie Schooler Santa's to put in tuck pillows that I bought on EBay. I am never this early, I'm more likely to be stitching on Christmas Eve and framing/finishing on Christmas Day! Of course I'm not leaving out that option... :)

Here is Lizzie Kate's Christmas ABC's stitched on Sassy Fabrics, I have no idea what color!

This is Glendon Place's Monster March on Picture this Plus Echo and DMC.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summer Vacations

Each Summer we take our annual family vacation to Florida and then Dylan and I go alone on a Mom and Dyl weekend to Wildwood NJ. These are a few pictures from those vacations. The first is Dylan on the Tilt a Whirl in Wildwood, all of the others are from Florida. The pictures don't do justice to the great time we have! I can't wait for next year already :)

Where did the Summer go??

The last time I was here it was just Spring and here it is now full on Autumn! This time of year is truly my favorite time of year and I enjoy decorating and stitching for Autumn and Halloween. I've also been caught up in the Quaker design craze and plan eventually to have a sampler wall going up my foyer stairwell. We shall see if that ever happens!

I have been stitching a lot though, most of my finishes are larger finishes so I don't feel like I'm as prolific as I've been in the past. Here are the latest and greatest since May 'til now :)

Here is Witching You Were Here by Glendon Place

This is Floral Quaker by Midnight Stitching
This is Lizzie Kate's ABC Lessons
These are Cats by Margaret Sherry from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine
This is Quaker Samplings by By My Needle
This is my current WIP Monster March by Glendon Place

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

So many people think that holidays like Mother's Day is just a commercial way for the greeting card industry to make a few extra dollars. Maybe it is, but for me Mother's Day reminds me to remember my Mom and some of the things she's taught me.

My Mom made sure that I understood that in this world a woman needs to make their own way and needn't, no mustn't be soley dependent on anyone else.

She encouraged me to be independent, yet to be loving and giving to others.

She taught me that nice does matter.

She taught me that laughter could cure a lot of ills.

She taught me that hard work can open doors.

She taught me that failures are only life lessons.

Thanks Mom and thanks to all of the women in my life that have reinforced her lessons and helped me grow and learn to this day.